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I am a writer living in the suburbs with my family in Australia.

I used to write for several blogs, including my own, blue milk. Maybe that is where you know me from? I also wrote a regular piece for Daily Life, which ran in several newspapers across Australia and beyond, and where I used to sneak in radical calls for feminist economics. And they let me.

Sometimes, I wrote pieces for The Guardian, The Huffington Post, The Wheeler Centre, Meanjin and more. I published in several books, including The Good Mother Myth (edit. Avital Norman Nathman) and Unbreakable (edit. Jane Caro) and The 21st Century Motherhood Movement (edit. Andrea O’Reilly).

And then I took a break.

My children became teenagers. I became middle-aged. I built a career outside of writing, that I love. And also, I got married, after having been a single mother for some years.

But, my head is full of thoughts again, much like when I first had a baby and started writing. Back then I wanted to capture something I was experiencing, but not seeing described all that honestly in writing. Once again, I am fascinated with a new stage of life I am going through and how little is really written about it - middle-age. To make sense of it for myself I am writing bits and pieces again.

(I apologise in advance that my writing is specific to my own experience and may not encapsulate yours. I know how frustrating it can be to not see yourself in descriptions of these stages of life. As I once said on my blog, “my feminism is richer for understanding your feminism”. If you want to write to me about your own experiences, I would like to read them).

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Mostly at this age, I write about things that turned out to be good decisions. And I still write a lot about feminist motherhood, to be honest.